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Events and News

Top 10 women in italian wine

Posted by Aromicreativi in Events and News

The Drinks Business Magazine, the London Magazine distributed to more 20000 international traders drink, presents the top 10 women in Italian Wine 2014: we are very proud to announce Sabrina is part of this list, so our winery is mentioned among 10 great italian winery. A…

5 June 2014 Read More

High score for Capitel Monte Olmi

Posted by Aromicreativi in Events and News

Capitel Monte Olmi 2008, our family’s flagship, is once again the protagonist of Wine Spectator. It achieved one of the highest scores ever in the Amarone category: 92/100 Alison Napjus, lead taster of wines from our region, wrote: Tedeschi Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Capitel Monte…

19 May 2014 Read More

1964-2014, 50 years of Capitel Monte Olmi

Posted by Aromicreativi in Events and News

“Capitel Monte Olmi”, one of the very first single-vineyard Amarones in Valpolicella, turned 50 years and the Tedeschi family celebrated on the occasion of the latest Vinitaly. In 1964 Lorenzo Tedeschi showed remarkable insight and vinified the grapes from the Monte Olmi vineyard separately, thus…

Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour

Posted by Aromicreativi in Events and News

Every year Wine Spectator, the prestigious American magazine, organizes the “Wine Spectator’s Grand Tour”. A wine tasting featuring the best wineries of the world, from Château Margaux in France to Numanthia in Spain and Jacobs Creek in Australia. The event is dominated by Italy with…