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Events and News

Tedeschi Winery goes Fashion!

Posted by Tedeschi in Events and News

On October 6, took place in Milan the well-known Vendemmia di Montenapoleone, the evening that turns the streets of the fashion district into wine cellars, allowing many wine-lovers to taste the excellence of Made in Italy, while having a look on upcoming winter trends. For…

11 October 2016 Read More

Valpolicella flies with Tedeschi winery!

Posted by Tedeschi in Events and News, Press room @en

Valpolicella DOC Capitel Nicalò 2014 will be served on board British Airways – North America route.   Homesickness? From September you can taste all the flavor of Valpolicella thanks to Tedeschi winery and British Airways. On all North America routes of the renowned airline company,…

5 September 2016 Read More

Happy Holidays from Tedeschi family!

Posted by Tedeschi in Events and News

Goodmorning! Give us your attention to this important update: we are going to have holi-days, finally! So, for everyone interested in visiting our winery and having a special tasting, please take note: we will be closed from August, 6th to al 21st.   Of course,…

4 August 2016 Read More

A Sip of culture: Sorsi d’Autore 2016

Posted by Tedeschi in Events and News

This year we will join the renowned event, Sorsi d’Autore, which for over 15 years enhances the food and wine culture in our region. The Venetian Villas, wonderful examples of our historic heritage and landscape, the big names of journalists and gastronomic excellences of the…

28 June 2016 Read More

Sommelier, almost the time

Posted by Tedeschi in Events and News

What about Fede&Tinto, food and wine journalists for passion and professional creative spirits! After a successful radio program, Decanter, able to put into words and expressions the wine world, and after the special project, Vinocult.it, the match-place of wine and food, is out their new…

15 June 2016 Read More

A toast to the Little Big future champions!

Posted by Tedeschi in Events and News

Few weeks ago, we choose to join the 2° Spring Tournament, organized by Medoacus, amateur football Company in Padua, but above all we choose, with great pleasure, to support the upcoming promises of Italian football!   Good luck Champions!

13 June 2016 Read More

Grapevine 2016

Posted by Tedeschi in Events and News, Press room @en

JUNE 13 – 18 2016 VERONA THE WORLD CAPITAL of WINE GROWING SCIENCE   The city will host the 10th International Symposium “Grapevine Physiology and Biotechnology” Organized by the University of Verona Researchers will visit the grape drying Lodge at Tedeschi in Pedemonte and will learn about…

9 June 2016 Read More