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This wine is made with grapes harvested in vineyards, located in oldest area of origin – the commune of Monteforte d’Alpone – that with Soave, makes up the classic Soave area. The distinctive winemaking technology employed yields an elegant and velvety wine with a delicate almond-scented nose.

Vineyard Notes

Soil: volcanic clay.
Vine density: 5500 vines per hectare.
Vineyard age: 20 years.
Cultivation: Guyot. Pruning: 12/14 buds/plant.
Production: 6000 kg/hectare.
Grape varieties: 100% Garganega.

Winemaking Technique

Grape harvest: end of August, beginning of September.
Shoprt skin maceration
Alcoholic fermentation: 6 days/temperature 18/20° C.
Malolactic fermentation
Biological and chemical stabilization in tank
Bottling and bottle ageing: 4 months.

Description Of The Wine

Color: yellow with green reflections. Clear and transparent.
Bouquet: strongly and complex fruity bouquet. Very clean and with notes of dry fruits such as almonds. Rich and elegant. Flavor: good body and good acidity. Relatively warm, rounded and well-balanced. Pleasing and elegant. The after-taste confirms the notes in the bouquet.
Suited for ageing: 3/4 years
Combinations: aperitifs, fish, hors d’oeuvres.
Serve at: 10-12° C

Chemical Analysis

Alcohol (% in vol.):12,5
Reducing Sugar (g/l): 0,6
Total Acidity (g/l): 5,3
Net Dry Extract (g/l): 23

Bottle Size

750 ml