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The olive oil produced in the hills near Verona, particularly in the Valpolicella area, enjoys a degree of renown. The particularly favourable microclimate has allowed the widespread cultivation of olives as well as vines. The olives are hand-harvested in the Maternigo Estate, located in the Commune of Mezzane di Sotto. On the basis of existing regulations, in order to claim the title of extra-virgin olive oil the oil must satisfy the following requirements:
• Extraction from the olives using simple methods of an exclusively mechanical and physical nature.
• Acidity of not more than 1%.
• “absolutely perfect taste”.
Perfection can only be reached if all the operations involved in the production of the oil are correct.

Agronomical notes

Production area: Mezzane di Sotto, in the new Maternigo Estate, among the Valpolicella hills.
Olive varieties: Favarol, Grignano, Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino.
Harvesting system: picking by hand, allowing the olive to remain intact.

Production technique

Hand picking
Transport: rapid transportation for immediate processing of the olives.
Removal of leaves and washing with water
Grinding with mill wheels
Extraction using discontinuous system: pressing.
Centrifugation: separation of the oil from the vegetation water.
Filtration with cotton
Maturation and conservation

Oil description

Appearance: naturally clear.
Colour: green with golden glints.
Taste: fruity, delicate with sweet, almond hints.
Density: average fluidity.
Use: uncooked with fish, meat and vegetables.

Bottle size

500 ml