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Riscontri internazionali ancora estremamente positivi per i vini Tedeschi.

“L’Amarone sarà sempre un vino fatto da persone per il massimo del godimento”  Con queste parole Sarah Heller MW racconta la Valpolicella e i suoi vini, stilando la classifica dei top 100 Amarone sulla rivista internazionale Club Oenologique, una rivista premium rivolta agli amanti del vino e dei distillati.    

Incanta il nostro Amarone Capitel Monte Olmi 2017, che si ritrova ai vertici della classifica con 97 punti .  “A knot of animalic, leathery reduction gradually releases notes of iris, tobacco, humus, glossy red cherries and a delicate note of cedar sprig — a sophisticated blend of savoury and fresh. Meanwhile, flavours are intense on the entry, with a spicy cigar box and sandalwood complexity and fruit that combines aspects of strawberry and cherry. Luminous acidity, even in this early-ripening vintage, suffuses the beautifully integrated structure, honed over four years in Slavonian botti. Gracious tannins form an even, suede-like layer over the palate, closing it with delicate precision.

Punteggi entusiasmanti anche per gli altri Amarone della gamma Tedeschi

La Fabriseria Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG Classico Riserva 2016 ottiene ben 95 punti  “Its ancient calcareous marls are high in limestone and sand, which produces an intense colour and structure, but also fragrance. This isn’t immediately obvious. The nose starts dark and carnal, before more delicate aromatics of vetiver, pencil shavings and violets start to emerge over subtle elderberry and blackberry fruit. It is fuller on the palate as violets waft gorgeously over the top of its dark, craggy surface. Its blackberry fruit is underpinned by petrichor. Tannins are chewy and dense. Acidity is fresh enough to drive things along, although it never penetrates the shadows. Solid and concentrated, this shows subtle variations throughout and retains a rich floral perfume from start to finish.”

Il Marne 180 Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2019 guadagna 94 puntiQuite sheer but without slip, the entry is perfumed with sweet strawberry and cherry fruit, a pleasing edge of mandarin and base notes of mocha. Acidity is tart and bracing, while whisper-fine tannins are fully integrated, leaving a clean powderiness on the finish, without having much impact on the tautness and vigour.

91 Punti infine per Ansari Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG 2019The nose has a similar savoury bent to Tedeschi’s other Amaroni but taken up a notch. Both animal and vegetal, it blends saddle leather with roasted artichokes as delicate raisin fruit tries to get past.”

Grazie Sarah per aver dato spazio al nostro territorio e ai nostri vini.

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