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NewsTedeschi among the 100 Best Italian Winemakers

Tedeschi among the 100 Best Italian Winemakers

“I Migliori 100 Vini e Vignaioli d’Italia 2022: come bere bene, spendere il giusto e trovare i produttori che puntano sulla sostenibilità” (The 100 best wines and wine makers of Italy 2022: how to drink good wine, pay the right price, and find wine makers focused on sustainability), the guide published by Corriere della Sera.

We’re very proud that the editors Luciano Ferraro and Luca Gardini have included Tedeschi among the 100 best wine makers of Italy 2022.
Drink good wines at the right price? Our Valpolicella Superiore 2019 was selected as “a traditional recipe but always surprising”!
Wine makers focused on sustainability? Tedeschi has been long working for social, environmental and economic sustainability. It received the Equalitas certification two years ago.
A special thanks to Luciano Ferraro and Luca Gardini for rewarding our hard work and dedication in the vineyard and in the winery!
A toast to Valpolicella!
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