Antonietta, Sabrina e Riccardo Tedeschi

50 years of Capitel Monte Olmi; 50 years of dedication, tradition and innovation

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Capitel Monte Olmi, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, gem of the Tedeschi family celebrates its 50th anniversary. To celebrate this, a story is told through the social media and a photographic journey will be shown at the upcoming edition of Vinitaly.

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Capitel Monte Olmi”, one of the very first cru’s of Amarone della Valpolicella, celebrates 50 years and the Tedeschi family celebrates with a story. The story of the family is among those historic names of the area of Valpolicella Classica. It is one of the flagship wineries that enabled the wines of the province of Verona to become world-renown through its crus. The story begins in 1964, a turning point for the Tedeschi family, when Lorenzo Tedeschi took the decision to separately vinify the grapes of the Monte Olmi vineyard, giving birth to this cru, which became the estate’s flagship wine. An enticing story rooted in genuine values, the same values that can be found in the Tedeschi wines.

In this story the Tedeschi family open their life to the storytelling of anecdotes, which lie behind their products and its territory, bringing the story to life, a story voiced through the social media. Thanks to the hashtag #50MonteOlmi, the winery shares and tells the story of its 50 years of history of wine, of Monte Olmi and its terroir.

A carrousel, which traces the steps of the Tedeschi family, from 1964 to 2014, through family anecdotes and at the same time highlighting public historical episodes of that same period blending these into a story told through the social media expressing the ‘emotions’ of the past 50 years. The history of the “Capitel Monte Olmi” vineyard is deeply rooted in the past. Purchased in 1918, it is situated at the foothills of the mountains with steep slopes on which dry stonewalls were built with the use of local stone, and which have recently been restored. Its terracing hosts the vines planted to the pergola Veronese system. In this edition of Vinitaly, the Tedeschi family will be celebrating the anniversary of this ‘powerful’ wine, which requires lengthy ageing to reach perfect balance and elegance. A style, which is uniquely recognizable throughout the entire range of Tedeschi wines, and for this reason it was decided, as from vintage 2009, to make “Capitel Monte Olmi” a Riserva wine.

These fifty years will be celebrated at the Tedeschi stand with a photographic exhibition as well as an evening of festive celebration, which will take place at tenuta di Maternigo. An evening in which friends, clients, importers and journalists will be invited, together with all those who have followed or been involved in the path of this journey, contributing year after year to build what is today “Capitel Monte Olmi”. Also during Vinitaly the Tedeschi family will be presenting the second year of “Maternigo Valpolicella Doc Superiore”, the third cru produced by the Tedeschi estate, which originates from the “Impervio” vineyard, situated in the Tenuta Maternigo estate. The character of this wine expresses fine aromas and noticeable acidity, a vivacious freshness, which denotes the main profile of this wine obtained from the separate vinification of the grapes grown to a terrain, which thanks to the zonation study of the land, has proven to be an excellent site.

The zonation study, a soil study of the vineyards has always been seen by the Tedeschi family, as a necessary starting point in which to achieve a viticulture of quality. Such a study was carried out on the entire vineyard site of Maternigo where 31 hectares of Corvina and Corvinone vines have been planted, together with some vines of Rondinella and Oseleta. Along with the zonation of the Maternigo vineyard a soil analysis was carried out so that it was possible to measure the growing phases of the vine with particular focus on its vegetative response. The zonation project of Maternigo lasted two years, from 2010 to 2011 highlighting 7 different areas with optimum soil characteristics thanks to their respective layout, organic matter and drainage capacity.


Antonietta, Sabrina e Riccardo Tedeschi
Bruna e Renzo


The results obtained through the research and innovative viticultural practices carried out in the vineyards, is proof to the dedication shown by the Tedeschi family who aim at a quality production which is shown through a choice production of the native grapes of Valpolicella planted to the Maternigo and likewise to the Classica area. Wishing to share the results of the research carried out, the Tedeschi family has published a monograph entitled “In search of  the great crus of  Valpolicella”, which is available on request.

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