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A series of watercolours illustrating the Monte Olmi vineyard

in News 19 May 2014

The histories of painting and wine crossed and mingled over the years because wine is not only substance and colour but also brilliance and metamorphosis.
The wine-maker has his palette and paintbrush, like a painter. He is in charge of the action and mixes. He measures and transforms. He plays with the natural laws governing the fermentation and the transformation of wine.

The Tedeschi family and the high school for Art “Nani-Boccioni” embraced this philosophy when they started this project aimed at uniting art and wine.

The students specializing in figurative arts conceived a real artistic project. They did not reproduce Monte Olmi, but tried to give their interpretation, their reassessment and give it their voice.
They were inspired by the beauty of the landscape, the colours, the gentle rolling hills, the almost magical effects of the drystone walls. They painted a series of watercolours that paid tribute to this vineyard and the values of the Tedeschi family who have always been cultivating it.

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