Hristodor Alexandru Vlad

ART & WINE: The story of the Monte Olmi vineyard seen through watercolours

in Press room @en 23 May 2014

The students of Verona’s Arts high school Nani-Boccioni interpret the Monte Olmi vineyard and the style of the Tedeschi family. Painting and wine throughout history have often shared the same path because wine is not exclusively matter or colour, but rather an expression of luminosity and metamorphosis.

The winemaker, like the painter has his canvas and his brushes. He stirs, mixes, doses and transforms, as he engages creatively with the laws of nature, such as those involved in the process of fermentation, right through to the evolution of the wine. Wit this very philosophy the Tedeschi winery, one of the historic estates of the Valpolicella Classica area, with a sound track record for quality production, joined forces with Nani- Boccioni’s Arts high school in Verona in a project where wine and art meet on the same path. This project shows the Tedeschi family’s dedication to the world of art, culture and to supporting scholastic studies giving the school and its students the opportunity to come into direct contact with some of the cultural realities of Verona. A synergy, which encourages the students to express to a sizeable and attentive audience their creativity, talent and individuality through their works of art.

‘One of the ‘real’ values of wine is that it allows us an ‘intangible’ experience,’ is what Veronelli said when underlining the privileged relationship between the quality, territory, man, wine and art. There are places that have a special energy, like a magical aura, which touches those that live there, expressing the essence and value of a passion. The Monte Olmi vineyard, which is situated in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica area, is one of those magical places. The Tedeschi family harvest their grapes from the sun blessed terraced vineyards which yield their precious Amarone wine, Capitel Monte Olmi, which this year celebrates its first fifty years.

‘In giving this unique opportunity to the students’ of Verona’s Arts high school “Nani Boccioni”, of visiting our vineyard and of being introduced to the style and tradition of our winery, confirms a will to sustain some of the best qualities of our culture, starting with the younger generations,” comments Antonietta Tedeschi. “Venturing with a real experience of artistic design, these students of figurative art expressed not a life-like reproductin of Monte Olmo, but voiced their own individual interpretation, as seen through their own eyes,” comments Mariangela Icarelli, Director of the Art High School “Nani Boccioni”. Inspired by the beauty of the landscape, the colours, the movement and the rhythm of the hills, against the magical dry stone walls, the students produced a series of watercolour paintings in tribute to this vineyard and to the values of the Tedeschi family who produce the wine which comes from this magical landscape.

Wine is therefore similar to a work of art and art becomes a means to communicate wine.

Among the many works produced by the students three watercolours were selected, of which numbered prints were produced as a tribute to the anniversary of Capitel Monte Olmi. The most significant works were those produced by the classes 3A and 4B, studying ‘Figurative Art” and “Graphics”, The selected works are by the following students: Valeria Gulino, Sara Ferro and Hristodor Alexandru Vlad.

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