Capitel SAN ROCCO etichetta

Capitel San Rocco, new look

in News 23 Jul 2014

Starting from this month, the Capitel San Rocco will come out with a new label, completely renewed,  which  keeps at the same time the characteristics of the Tedeschi style: tradition, simplicity and innovation.
In order to express a greater personality, as other Tedeschi wines, especially designed  symbols and logos were incorporated in the label.

In the Capitel San Rocco, the shell, which is always present in the representations of San Rocco and  symbolizes the pilgrimage, was repeated  to form a cross. The symbol also refers to the cross-shaped mark that the saint had since birth and which is interpreted as a presage to his vocation.

The Capitel San Rocco, produced since 1976, an historic wine of the Tedeschi Family,  is a red wine made through the ancient practice of the “ripasso”. The “ripasso” consists in  putting a part of Valpolicella wine of the previous autumn in the Amarone’s vinasses, after it has been decanted in March. The grapes used to produce this wine are selected in the Maternigo’s hills (Valle di Mezzane), which are characterized by marl fossil outcropping.
The Capitel San Rocco reflects the business identity, a mix of the attention to tradition, the focus on innovation and the good knowledge of the area.

To make good wines, like the the San Rocco, it takes  patience and dedication, that for the Tedeschi Family means concern and attention to details and aptitudes. Capitel SAN ROCCO scontCapitel SAN ROCCO etichetta

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