Nature’s generous gift has a name: Amarone La Fabriseria Riserva 2011 from the Tedeschi winery

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Amarone La Fabriseria Riserva 2011 from the Tedeschi winery

The first Grand Cru from the Le Pontare vineyard

For The Tedeschi Family, a historical tradition of the Valpolicella region, the choices that guide both the path blazed by father Renzo starting in the 1960s as well as production hinge on listening to the needs and timing of the land. Today more than ever this heritage has begun to bear its fruit, as a wine of great character and depth that is always elegant and stands out as distinguished.

This is particularly the case for the Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Classico Riserva La Fabriseria 2011, which will be introduced to the market shortly, but has already become a cult wine. This wine has been produced since 1983, but only during exceptional vintages (to date only 8 vintages). Since the 2011 vintage this wine has been classified as CRU, with the grapes of excellence produced and highly selected from the vineyard La Fabriseria on the grounds of Le Pontare.

Harvesting the fruits of a generous nature certainly fills you with pride. However, behind all that quality stand the less visible forces of an arduous and intense labor of research that the Tedeschi family initiated years ago on its own lands in order to study in meticulous detail every aspect of the wine growing operation from vine to grape drying to winery. In this way, each grape and each wine is born with a wonderful story to tell, and the story of the La Fabriseria Amarone della Valpolicella DOC Classico Riserva 2011 is an extraordinary one as it was born from an exquisite capacity to listen to and heed the call of the four elements of nature.

Earth: The La Fabriseria vineyard is an approximately 7 hectare stretch of land between the communities of Fumane and Sant’Ambrogio in Valpolicella. The terrain is not deep (the roots are pointed toward the subsoil), and it is a balance between pink marly limestone, calcarenite and yellow grey Cretaceous shale abundant in skeleton and rich in oxides that lend the wine intensity and complexity.

The warming Fire of the sun: Sun light is maximized and favors a southeastern exposure, giving the wine a refined sweetness to its aroma.

Air: The location of the vineyard on hill tops at an altitude of 430 to 500 meters above sea level exposes it to a noteworthy ventilation (cool northerly air currents from the hills of Lessini and warmer currents that originate in Lake Garda that mitigate the climate) and optimal thermal changes that minimize grape degradation and encourage a better phenolic composition that results in a synthesis of elegant aromas.

Water : The character of the terrain favors excellent drainage. The terrain is in and of itself very dry, allowing for an alternation of supplemental irrigation and water stress in order to reduce the size of the grape and improve the skin/pulp ratio. I “The 2011 vintage has seen the perfect and exceptional combination of all of these elements, which have given life to the first CRU labeled La Fabriseria Amarone (incidentally we have been producing the Cru La Fabriseria Valpolicella Classico Superiore from the same vineyard for some years now) – says Riccardo Tedeschi, co-owner and the family enologist. – This vintage has also resulted in a wine with a deep ruby color, and relative to past years, a fruitier style (fresh fruit immediately strikes the palate ). It has a sweeter nose that marries the aromas of aging including hints of roasting, vanilla and tobacco with red currant, raspberry and maraschino cherries. Also evident are balsamic and spice notes.

This is a wine that is the fruit of the passion for our land and is capable of producing a thrill today, but above all promises one in the future. If we have learned one thing it is to have the patience to wait for all the bounty that nature generously can confer.”

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This is a very persistent wine that is difficult to forget and that has already achieved remarkable notoriety as evidenced by the qualifier “Great Wine” in the Slow Wine 2017 Guide, the assessment by Daniele Cernilli, AKA Doctor Wine, that it is an “excellent 96 point wine”, the granting by Gambero Rosso magazine of its highest rating “Tre Bicchieri” and the 2016 Bibenda Guide “5 Grappoli” ratings which are their  highest ratings.

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