LA FABRISERIA – Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore


The Tedeschi family has endeavored to improve the quality of its wines and to accentuate the relationship between the traditional vines and the region. For this reason, Rosso La Fabriseria, a wine created with an international style has been completely re-conceptualized and today is being introduced to the wine drinking audience as a wine that is coherent with the rest of our production and completely rooted in the Valpolicella region. The grape selection consists of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and a small percentage of Oseleta. The grapes come from La Fabriseria vineyard within the Valpolicella Classica Region (Sant’Ambrogio and Fumane communes) and are left to over ripen on the vine. The wine yield per hectare is very low and does not exceed that of the Amarone wine. The wine is age exclusively in Slovenian oak barrels. The Valpolicella La Fabriseria is today a great and important Valpolicella wine and represents yet another wine that the Tedeschi family entrusts to tell the world the story of this splendid region.

Vineyard Notes

Soil: clay and calcareous of morenic origin.
Vine density: 7200 vines per hectare.
Vineyard age: 15 year.s
Cultivation: Guyot.
Pruning: 10/12 buds/plant.
Production: 6400 kg/hectare (45 hl/ha), yield comparable to that of the Amarone wine.
Grape varieties: 40% Corvina, 40% Corvinone,
15% Rondinella 5% Oseleta.

Winemaking Technique

Grape harvest: mid October.
Vinification: whole grapes with stalks.
Alcoholic fermentation and maceration: 30 days/temperature 20-23° C.
Ageing: in Slavonia oak barrels (10 hl) for 24 months.
Blending Bottling and bottle ageing: 6 months.

Description Of The Wine

Color: intense ruby red, clear and transparent.
Bouquet: hints of black currant, sour cherry, cherry, and prune gives freshness to the wine and is combined with hints of minerals and vanilla ethers. Flavor: rich structure and balance. The extract concentrate is revealing and well ba- lanced by a significant tannic structure, by a lively acidity and by an alcohol content that insures a good aging potential. The retro-olfaction confirms the nose notes. It is an elegant wine with a long finish.
Suited for ageing: this wine has a long life.
Combinations: game and red meat, skim milk and aged hard cheeses.
Serve at: 16-18° C.

Chemical Analysis

Alcohol (% in vol.): 15
Reducing Sugar (g/l): 2,9
Total Acidity (g/l): 6,1
Net Dry Extract (g/l): 35,9
Total Phenols (mg/l): 2550

Bottle Size

750 ml, 1500 ml