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“We have unraveled the character of each of our vines, and now we know how to manage them” Riccardo Tedeschi

The Agricola Tedeschi grape growing techniques have always been based on tradition combined with modern techniques as well as natural principles. In 2010 we began research on zoning and vineyard characterization on the Maternigo Estate and on the Classica zone. Zoning, in other words the pedological study of the vineyards, has always been viewed as the necessary point of departure for high quality viticulture. Such a path is an onerous and demanding task, but the fruits of the labor often yield important and permanent results.

Over time we have established grass cover crops to reinforce the vineyard’s natural defenses, launched a plan of hydric stress control, increased organic carbon content, enriched the terrain through the sowing of seeds for essence companion planting and started using organic fertilizers.

Additionally, we have adopted an integrated attack to combat the grape berry moth and botrytis through the use of targeted bacteria as well as natural extracts to combat against peronospora and powdery mildew.


We are keenly aware of how the composition of the earth can influence the aroma of a wine, and as such, in the spirit of charting new territory in Valpolicella, we have launched a study on the aromatic characterization of our vineyards.

Other research is also underway to investigate how best to control the maturation of grapes as a function of climate change.
The research continues in order to ultimately make our winery completely sustainable in terms of agricultural management as well as in our wine production chain. This approach makes clear the manner in which the Tedeschi family is inextricably linked to tradition while at the same time has a view towards the future. Today the winery has been certified according to the standards of   Biodiversity Friend ed Equalitas. Write to us if you are interested in starting a discussion or want to receive a copy of our Sustainability Report.

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