Tedeschi attends Expo 2015

in News 19 May 2015

The theme for the 2015 Milan Expo is “Feeding the planet: energy for life”.

Wine producers has to respect this value:  it is necessary to promote conscious policy choices, sustainable lifestyles and cutting-edge technologies. It will thus be possible to find a balance between resource availability and consumption. The wine world has embarked on a sustainable development path and Tedeschi has been moving in this direction for a long time.

Quality wine is made in the vineyard, and not only in the wine cellar. A great wine is the result of great grapes and the dedication of those who work in the vineyards. Only perfectly healthy grapes can produce wines that are rich in character and express their terroir and their culture. The vineyard is the prime reference for wine-growers. They have to take care of it, follow its rhythm, protect it and respect it.

With this awareness in mind, the Tedeschi family’s work is mainly in the vineyards and focuses on the care of plants with modern production methods. Zoning and characterization studies were the first steps towards the improvement of production processes and environmental protection. Then the Tedeschi family focused on a production method that would be considered sustainable. They applied for environmental certifications. They also committed to the recognition of certain production processes and techniques because they can improve the impact on environmental resources.

Tedeschi is following a virtuous path. First, they identified those activities that did not seem to affect the environment, but proved environmentally harmful after a careful analysis. They then engaged in voluntary commitments to preserve resources and the high quality of their products.

An accurate and detailed awareness of the limits and potential of a vineyard is the most effective tool in order to carry out a management focused on its real needs, thus limiting and eliminating all unnecessary and negative effects on its natural resources, which derive from a careless management.

These values have become a style, the Tedeschis’ style, which is true to the territory and local varieties. This style can best express the potential of every single harvest so that even weather conditions become an integral part of our wine.

So for us it was fundamental to attend the Expo.

You could taste our wines in the following booths:

– Padiglione del Vino Expo Milano

Aquae Venezia 2015

Slow Wine Expo Milano

City Pavilion  in Duca d’Aosta square in Milan with Grandi Cru d’Italia Association

Many opportunity to know and enjoy the tradition and the culture of Valpolicella

Tedeschi on the good side of hills since 1630.




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