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Tedeschi opts for environmental sustainability over organic certification

in Press room @en 31 Oct 2014

maternigo-panoramica zonazione maternigoTedeschi opts for environmental sustainability over organic certification

The Tedeschi estate, opts to pursue the road to sustainability and environmental conservation.  The aim is to obtain ISO 14001 certification.

High-quality wine is produced in the vineyard and not only in the winery. A great wine derives from good, healthy grapes and from dedicated vineyard management: only healthy and perfect grapes can give life to wines rich in character, reflecting the expression of a specific area and culture of production.

The soil being the point of reference for a winemaker needs to be nurtured with respect and care.  The Tedeschi family have always been considered one of the founding estates of Valpolicella.  They are respected for their far sighted vision, meticulous vineyard management and innovative production methods.

Following the studies carried out on zonation and characterization, a further step initiated by the estate is to pave the way to sustainability and environmental conservation, to go in search of a method of production that can be defined sustainable.  This explains why the Tedeschi family has chosen to follow the path of environmental certification.

Environmental certification is a voluntary course in which the estate choses to adapt its method of production to a set of values in order to improve the impact that the process of production may can have on environmental resources.

An accurate and detailed awareness of the limits and potential of a vineyard is the most effective tool in order to carry out a management focused on its real needs, thus limiting and eliminating all unnecessary and negative effects on its natural resources, which derive from a careless management.

Environmental certification reaches beyond organic certification.

An organic method of production focuses mainly on safeguarding the plant by limiting the use of products normally used to eliminate and cure the spread of vineyard diseases.  The implementation of a sustainable management of the vineyard addresses and respects environmental resources in a wider and more articulate context by taking into account other aspects regarding vineyard management (such as, water conservation, reducing the impact of CO2 both in the cellar and in the vineyard, the handling of materials, soil erosion and many other aspects).

With sustainable viticulture the estate adheres voluntarily to a set of rules when managing certain aspects of production which after careful analysis prove to have a significantly positive impact on the environment, thus respecting natural resources, while improving the quality of the product.

“For the production of Amarone our grapes are destined to undergo an extended period of drying and therefore must reach maturity in a healthy condition with a perfect thick skin,” says Riccardo Tedeschi “organic production is not always able to guarantee the quality of the product, especially in vintages like this one or the previous one for example. That is why we have decided to switch from organic viticulture to sustainable viticulture.

Climate change is having a wide effect on many aspects of human life, viticulture included; Vintages affected by rain or intense draught will no longer be thought of as unusual vintages, but will be considered as normal events which we must learn to deal with in the best possible way.

Sustainability is not a disguise that allows us to occasionally use suitable plant protection products, but it is a process of production aimed at improving the state of the environment while maintaining a high-quality of production.”

In this project, the Tedeschi family examines three aspects: water management and irrigation, a preventive approach (optimizing the use of plant protection products), carbon balance, evaluating both the emission of CO2 as well as the organic carbon extracted while working in the vineyard.

The process that will lead to the ISO 14011 certification is already in place in our Maternigo vineyards and it will soon be implemented in the classic area. The system should be fully operatinoal in Maternigo within the next 6 to 7 months.

The Tedeschi estate is one of the historical wineries in the area of Valpolicella producing structured, elegant wines, characterized by great personality and typicity.

Attention to tradition and the orientation to innovation as well as a profound knowledge of the area are the key elements that determine their identity of their wines.

In order to make a great wine such as Amarone, one needs patience and dedication, which for the Tedeschi family equates to meticulous attention to detail as well as adopting a sustainable philosophy.

These values translate into a distinct style, the Tedeschi style, faithful to its territory and to its indigenous grape varietals enabling it to interpret and optimize each single harvest so that each growing season becomes an integral part of the wine.

Tedeschi’s wines are characterized by an individual style which developed as early as the 60’s when Lorenzo Tedeschi had the ingenious idea of vinifying the wines coming from the Monte Olmi vineyard separately, giving rise to one of the first crus of Valpolicella, and to a wine that has become the company’s main flagship wine.



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