Tedeschi wine tasting in Kiev - June 2016 2

#TedeschiNelMondo: New tasting destinations for our wines

in News 08 Jun 2016

Our wines’ adventures all over the world keep on! This is our way to promote the beautiful land where we live, Valpolicella!


Here a short reportage about the last events with our wines as protagonists:

  • London Wine Fair 2016
  • New York Taste of Hope charity event
  • Tastings in Brazil
  • Riccardo’s special journey in Quebec
  • Paola’s wine lesson in Prague
  • Amazing dinner in Holland with Sabrina and Antica Bottega del vino
  • Tasting tour in Kiev

Stay Tuned!

Riccardo in Quebec Taste of Hope Roel Gilissen e Luca Nicolis Olanda 5 Olanda 3 Tedeschi nel Mondo_Lviv Ucraina 2 Tedeschi nel Mondo_Lviv Ucraina sao paulo

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