Amarone La Fabriseria eti

The generous gift from Nature: Amarone La Fabriseria Riserva 2011, the Tedeschi winery’s pride and joy, becomes a Grand Cru

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This king of the vine as well as other exceptional wines from the Tedeschi winery

are showered with international recognition 

For the Tedeschi Family, historical figures of the Valpolicella region, listening to the demands of their land and being sensitive to its personal timing have formed the golden rule that has guided their choices for a productive development while keeping faithful to the path that their patriarch, Renzo, has been blazing since the 60’s.

Harvesting the fruit from a generous nature certainly fills one with pride. However, underlying the quality of that fruit is an extensive and focused dedication to research that the Tedeschi Family began many years ago in order to study meticulously the details of every stage of operation from vineyard, to drying, to cellar.

As such, every grape has a beautiful tale to tell, and the end result is the bringing to life of wines of great character and depth that are always elegant, impart great satisfaction, and are able to distinguish themselves at the international level.

This is the case of the AmaronAmarone La Fabriseria etie della Valpolicella DOC Classico Riserva La Fabriseria 2011. Though this wine has only recently been introduced to the market, it has already become a cult wine. This precious wine, produced since 1983 only in exceptional vintages (to date only 8), has since the 2011 vintage been labeled as CRU, and has been produced from grapes of only the highest quality that have been scrupulously selected from the La Fabriseria Vineyard.

The vineyard is situated in the locality of le Pontare on a hillside (430 to 500 meters above sea level). It is endowed with remarkable ventilation and temperature range that result in only a minor degradation of the grapes, a better phenolic composition and a fusion of elegant aromas. The calcareous and clay rich terrain lends the wine intensity and complexity. The high drainage capacity allows the terrain to remain very dry, thus permitting the alternation between supplemental irrigation and water stress. In this way, the diameter of the berries is reduced, and the skin to pulp ratio is improved. The hillside position also permits maximum sun exposure, which catches the southeastern face, and in turn, results in a refined sweetness of the aroma.

“Relative to previous vintages, the wine has a fruitier style (fresh fruit immediately hits the palate) and a sweeter nose where the aromas of aging such as roasted almond, vanilla and tobacco marry with intriguing scents of red currant, raspberry and maraschino cherries. – says Riccardo Tedeschi, joint proprietor and enologist of the family – Also evident are notes of balsamic and spices. This wine is the fruit of the passion for our land, which is able to offer a wealth of sensuous experiences today, but above all will continue to do so in the future… precisely because we have acquired the patience to wait for the bounty that nature has to offer.”

After the success in Italy – our wine has been defined as a “Great Wine” by Slow Wine” in its own 2017 guide, as excellent and worthy of 96 points by Daniele Cernilli, alias Doctor Wine, as a “Tre Bicchieri” wine by Gambero Rosso, as a 5 “Grappoli” wine by the Bibenda guide, and finally as a super Three Star wine by Veronelli – the Amarone della Valpolicella Classico La Fabriseria Riserva 2011 has been awarded the highest number of points (94 punt) among all 2011 Amarone wines by Wine Spectator and is described as “a rich, racehorse of a red, with a sense of finesse to the integration of dense and sculpted elements. Offers a rich streak of smoky mineral and forest floor, showing a lovely range of cherry and black raspberry coulis, mandarin orange peel and sandalwood flavors. Delivers a long, grippy finish. Drink now through 2031.”

Wine Spectator has been impressed with this wine since 2007 , awarding it not only 92/100 points, but also selecting the wine as a protagonist in the 2017 Edition of Opera Wine, the prestigious event that is a collaboration between Wine Spectator and Vinitaly. The Wine Enthusiast has also awarded this wine 93 points.

In sum, this vintage has been remarkably satisfying and as such the Tedeschi family would not only like to share this satisfaction with its Collaborators, but also dedicate it to our father Lorenzo, who in 1983 introduced the Fabriseria line to the market with its exceptional cru of Amarone and Valpolicella.

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