This Amarone was born of the passion Renzo Tedeschi had for good wine – as an authentic expression of the territory – and of his determination to create something unique. It is produced from a selection of grapes from the Fabriseria vineyard on the hills of Valpolicella Classica between the communities of Fumane and Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella.
As always, the goal we are reaching for is to obtain a wine with great structure, characterized by an aromatic elegance that allows for the continued and progressive appreciation of the wine during its evolution. The privilege of making one wait: from 1983 until today only a few vintages have been produced, all of which started out as exceptional and distinctive at harvest and then again after vinification.
Character and personality as expressions of a powerful territory.



Vineyard Notes

Soil: clay and limestone with a strong rock structure.
Vine density: 7200 vines per hectare.
Vineyard age: 20 years.
Cultivation: Guyot.
Pruning: 10 buds/plant.
Production: 6000 kg/hectare.
Grape varieties: 40% Corvina, 40% Corvinone, 15% Rondinella 5% Oseleta.

Winemaking Technique

Grape harvest: end of September, beginning of October.
Grapes drying in fruit storage structure: controlled humidity 4 months. Soft pressing
Alcoholic fermentation and maceration: 40/60 days/temperature 15-18° C.
Ageing: in Slavonian oak barrel for 4 years.
Bottling and bottle ageing: 1 year.

Description Of The Wine

Color: strong ruby red. Clear and transparent.
Bouquet: aging aromas such as roasting, vanilla and tobacco together with red fruits such as red currants, raspberries and cherries under spirits. Notes of honey and alcohol make this quite special and, at the same time, a classic Amarone.
Flavor: shows harmony and balance. Full-bodied, with a lovely silky tannins and a long persistence, long raisin and spicy after-taste. The after taste confirms the notes in the aroma. This wine has an exceptionally long and persistent flavour.
Suited for ageing: it is a keeping wine.
Combinations: red meat and cheeses.
Serve at: 16-18° C.

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Annata/Vintage 2015 (Riserva)

I Vini di Veronelli 2021 98
Falstaff Nov. 2020  96
Vinous Febr. 25, 2021 95
Wine Enthusiast Feb/March 2021 94
James Suckling Nov. 17 2020 92
WOW Civiltà del Bere 2020 (Miglior Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG) Gold Medal
Vitae AIS 2021 4 viti
Slow Wine 2021 TOP WINE
Bibenda 2021 5 Grappoli
Vinetia 2021 – 4 Rosone 
Vini d’Italia Gambero Rosso 2021 2 red glasses
Vini d’Italia Cernilli Doctorwine 2021 91

Annata/Vintage 2011 (Riserva)

Falstaff Oct – Nov 2018 97/100
Robert Parker – WineAdvocate Issue 244 end of August  96/100
Wine Spectator Insider Nov. 30 2016, Feb 28 2017  94/100
Vinous May 11th 2017  94/100 
James Suckling Oct 2017 91/100
Vini d’Italia Gambero Rosso 2017 3 bicchieri
Bibenda 2017 5 Grappoli
Vini d’Italia Cernilli Doctorwine 96/100
Slowine 2017 Grande vino
I Vini di Veronelli 2017 Super 3 Stelle 94/100 
Wine Enthusiast 2016 93/100 Cellar Selection
Guida Vitae (Associazione Italiana Sommelier) 4 Viti 

Annata/Vintage 2007 94/100
Wine Spectator 2015  92/100 
I Vini di Veronelli 2014 95/100
Vini d’Italia Gambero Rosso 2014 2 bicchieri rossi
Bibenda AIS 2014 4 grappoli
I Vini D’Italia de l’Espresso 2014 17,5/20
Wine Enthusiast 89/100

Annata/Vintage 2003

Wine Spectator Oct 2007 94/100
Falstaff Jan 2008 95/100
Wine Enthusiast Oct 2007 86/100
Duemila vini 2008 AIS 5 grappoli
Gambero rosso 2008 2 bicchieri rossi
I Vini de l’Espresso 2012 2008 17/20
Guida dei vini Italiani Luca Maroni 2008 87/100
Papillon di Paolo Massobrio TOP HUNDRED



The brand “La Fabriseria” pays homage to grandfather, Riccardo, who was a member of the Fabbriceria, the council of the Catholic Church, created to coordinate the construction of a new church in the village. The meetings were usually closed with a tasting of the best wines produced by the council members (fabbriceri). Now, that moment used to seal a pact, has become the name and symbol (the cross) of two important Tedeschi wines: the Amarone DOC Classico and the Valpolicella DOC Classico Superiore.
Two crosses of probable Celtic origin are also found in the vineyard Le Pontare di Sant’Ambrogio, purchased by the family in 2000 and dedicated to the production of these two wines.
The crosses served as signposts for the faithful, indicating the way to a sanctuary. Ancient lore says that Dante was among the faithful making the pilgrimage. The new label design comprises two crosses, one that completely encloses the bottle, and the other which is centered on the label in memory of the Fabbriceria.

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