The Amarone Riserva Maternigo is produced from grapes harvested from the Barila vineyard on the Maternigo Estate. The soil of this vineyard has undergone careful zonation and characterization and is distinguished by its very low vigor, which in turn, yields grapes that have a particularly rich stucture. The calcium content contributes to the wine’s elevated aromaticity. This Amarone encompasses our world made up of culture and tradition, a family passion that synergizes the patience needed to accept the meticulous timing of our craft, and our dedication to research and innovation. The end product is an Amarone Riserva, available only in select vintages, which has great character, is particularly fruity, complex and at the same time elegant all of which recall the unmistakable Tedeschi brand.



Vineyard Notes

Soil: pinkish-grey marly limestone, endowed with abundant skeleton even at the surface and characterized by excellent drainage.
Vine density: 5500 plants/hectare.
Vineyard age: Guyot.
Cultivation: pergola trentina.
Pruning: 12 buds/plant.
Production: 8000 kg/hectare.
Grape varieties: 40% Corvina, 40% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella.

Winemaking Technique

Grape harvest: end of September, beginning of October.
Appassimento uve in fruttaio: approximately 100 days in humidity-controlled environment.
Soft pressing
Alcoholic fermentation and maceration:: 40 days of fermentation at a temperature of 15° C, followed by 90 days of maceration.
Aging in Slavonian Oak barrels:: 48 months.
Bottling and bottle aging: : 12 months.

Description Of The Wine

Color: Clear and transparent.
Cose:spice and torrefaction combined with notes of sweet fruits such as black cherry, currant, raspberry and plum.
Taste: robust structure, fresh and fruity. Well balanced and elegant with fruit and spice and velvety tannins. The retronasal olfaction confirms the notes present in the nose. A long and persistent wine.
Shelf life: wine with a long life.
Pairings:red meats, braised and grilled meats, game. Seasonsed cheeses.
Serve at:16-18° C.

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Annata 2016

   James Suckling July 25, 2021 96
   TOP100 WINES OF ITALY James Suckling #78 2021 95
 Vitae AIS  4 Viti
 Vitae AIS   Performance dell’Anno
 Vini D’Italia Gambero Rosso 2022  3 Bicchieri/glasses
  Bibenda 2021 5 Grappoli/grapes
  I Vini di Veronelli 2022 94 Grande esordio
  Vini Buoni d’Italia Touring Club Italiano 2022 Corona/Crown
  Slowine 2022 Top Wine
  WOW Civiltà del Bere 2021 Gold
  The Wine Hunter 2021 Gold
  Vini d’Italia Doctorwine 2022 94
  Premio Fero Vinetia 2022 Medaglia d’Argento/silver



The Maternigo estate, purchased in 2006, extends over 84 hectares between the communities of Tregnago and Mezzane di Sotto in Valpolicella’s denomination of controlled origin zone.The property was chosen after a pool of agronomists and geologists carefully analyzed the land and detected calcareous detrital in a silty matrix that was particularly adapted for the cultivation of grape vines.The presence of red, pink, yellow and white marl along with clay further confirmed the particular suitability for the planting of authoctonous Veronese vines. These were precisely the characteristics that Antonietta, Sabrina and Riccardo were looking for, that is, a place where they could optimize their own production of typical Valpolicella wines.
To date, 33 hectares of vineyards have been planted. These are surrounded by 51 hectares of forest and 2 hectares of olive trees.
The estate extends all around a building of probable monastic origin with a central nucleus from the XV century.
The name Maternigo means “Mother’s house” since in antiquity there was once a structure at the location that was used to house pregnant young women. It was decided to commemorate the location by creating on the label the four paths that led to the ancient property. The design was inspired by an old map found within the house and has been rendered new to give homage to the history and tradition of the territory.

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