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four centuries of history and tradition of wine

The company

maternigo panoramica

Our family boast of an almost 4-century long history in the wine business and has always believed in the richness of Valpolicella wine production. We have reinterpreted it in a modern key and have adopted the most innovative production methods.
We respect and promote the area by producing powerful, elegant, typical wines that are rich in.

The vineyards


Our family’s work is primarily focused on the vineyards and the care of the vines. The careful attention that they devote to the vineyards implies the research for the most effective interaction between soil characteristics, microclimate, exposure to the sun, best varieties, and training system. Nothing is left to chance. Thanks to our constant, strong commitment, the Tedeschis wines have become synonymous with terroir and Valpolicella all over the world.


Latest News

  • Merano

    Tedeschi at the Merano Wine Festival: table 257 in the Ohmannsaal

    The Merano Wine Festival is coming! From November 9th to 11th you will find us at table 257 in the Ohmannsaal, inside the Kurhaus. You will have the occasion to taste the Amarone della Valpolicella Marne 180 2016 (awarded with The Wine Hunter Award 2019 Gold),...

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  • WWelten

    Steffen Maus talks about Tedeschi on WeinWelten

    Tedeschi is on the important German magazine WeinWelten, dedicated to Italian wines! The well-known and influential German journalist Steffen Maus spoke about our company and focused on the description of two of our leading products: Maternigo and Marne 180. Click here to read the full article.  

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  • India WW2019

    India Wine Awards 2019. Our San Rocco wins the Best in Show trophy

    During the third edition of the India Wine Awards held in Mumbai in early October, which was attended by over 300 people of the sector, wine connoisseurs, journalists, members of the jury and numerous special guests, our San Rocco was awarded with the trophy ”...

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