Tedeschi Family

Four centuries of winemaking history and tradition, cru wine pioneers in Valpolicella.

Since 1630 our family has been passionate in its interpretation of the Valpolicella region. Our wines, elegant and endowed with marked personality, reveal the tastes and aromas that are typical of the earth that has always characterized our production and identity.

Our philosophy is based on two virtues. The first is the patience to wait for the amount of time required both in the vineyard and in the winery, which has always been an integral part of our passion for the region. The second is dedication, which to our mind translates into attention to detail and an appropriate attitude towards our  raw material.

Our values translate into a unique challenge: to combine a long tradition with innovative research and production methods for wines that are capable of recounting the richness of our Valpolicella.


Sabrina, Antonietta, Riccardo e il Papà Lorenzo

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Every vine has a life story to share

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The authentic character of Valpolicella born of a fervent passion for our territory

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Stay up to date on our winery and our wines, symbols of Valpolicella in Italy and the world.

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Discover the world of the Tedeschi family and the strong, distinctive character of their wines.


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