This vineyard is located in le Pontare between the communities of Fumane and Sant’Ambrogio in Valpolicella. Situated in a panoramic position between 430 and 500 meters above sea level the 7 hectares  that make up the vineyard overlook the entire valley of  Valpolicella classica, the city of Verona and Lake Garda. The vines have been trained in the Guyot style with a high density of plants equal to 7,200 plants per hectare. The terrain, characterized by whitish pink marl, is shallow, rich in skeleton and very calcareous.

The name La Fabriseria derives from a popular Veronese tradition. At the beginning of the 20th century, La Fabriseria was the village parish counsel that was tasked with the construction of the new church. The adviser/vestryman, known as the “consigliere/fabbricere”, was also Riccardo’s grandfather.

It was customary for the advisers to take the best wine that each of them produced to their meeting in order to make a toast once their work was done. We have borrowed the name La Fabriseria from this ancient custom and given it to two of our top of the line products: Amarone La Fabriseria and Valpolicella Classico Superiore La Fabriseria the grapes for which originate from the vineyard of the same name.

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